Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fangirling over Fangirl. (+ If I Stay)

Hello hello helloooooooooooooo! Wassup guys? No seriously how are you? I really miss writing something in here you know but I actually I still have something important to do, I'm still busy preparing myself to get into my desired university and it's really freaking hard but let me take a rest for a while and I'm gonna tell you some fangirling things on this post because I've just finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I decided to buy the book because I thought this book will tell me the story about a girl who has a fandom and blabla which it reflects my real life. I'm a fangirl. I have joined some fandoms such as Divergent (it's my fav one) and I'm a nerdfighters and also the first time I joined a fandom is because one direction. Call me crazy but this is me. I'm still living in these things.
Anyways, about Fangirl, I fell in love with Levi, he has this smile, when you look at him and he would smiling at you, big smile and his smile makes you melt, makes your heartbeat faster or even makes your body stiff. Seriously, he has that smile and he liked to smile to everyone he met. Levi is my second favorite fictional character as Gus and Four in the first one (because I can't decide between Gus and Four). And the story is actually about Cath who is the biggest fan of Simon Snow (Simon Snow is actually a fictional character too) so I am fangirl who loves fictional character and was reading a Fangirl which the story involves about a fangirl who loves her fictional character very much and then I fell in love with a fictional character in that book and his name is Levi. Cath kinda reflects my life actually, like how she doesn't want everybody or like she just want her life to be in the world of Simon and Baz and also how she doesn't want to involved in social things like parties and etc haha, except for her love life. Gah, Cath and Levi are such a cute couple. I really want a real life version of Levi, reading out loud to him and just leaned to him. Omg. Levi is just cute. So here I'll give you some visual, it's from tumblr.
(From left to right: Reagen (Cath's roommate and also Levi's ex-gf), Wren (Cath's twin sister), Cath, and Levi
And also I will give you an adaption, just one scene from the book but it's amazing thank you to Yulin Kuang for making this gaah

Actually I also have finished If I Stay and it will be on theater on August this year so I'll just give you the trailer okay? You'll cry, I can't wait for this summer, tfios, if i stay, and then maze runner gah! I love 2014!
Mia Hall and Adam on Halloween!! 
Goodbye guys, see you later next time. Wish me a goodluck! I have to go back to my real life now lol, no i have to study hard.  Love always. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014


OMG! Have you see tfios trailer? It's on EVERYWHERE! I mean especially in youtube. Well I saw it first with a very low quality (the leaked one) but two days after that the HD version came out and DAMN SHIT HAS GOT REAL. I'm crying of course. Replaying EVERY TIME, I want to see every details on the trailer. What I most remember is when Gus' speak in the background, and I know it's from his letter (which makes me even more crying).
"You can't get to choose if you hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you." 
(it's from Gus's letter)  and when in a swing,
"I hope you realize you keep your distance from me in no way lessens my affection for you." "'Gus, I'm grenade."
Okay wait, I just realized  that the last time I posted about ansel-gus related, I was mentioning "What You Wanted" from OneRepublic. AND YET IT WAS ONE OF THE SONG ON TFIOS TRAILER! Wohoo, i knew it that song would be amazing if it puts on some movie trailer and yeah finally! And I do realize now that I am so damn lucky. Because I get noticed by Ansel Elgort on his livestream TWICE in a row! Although it's been a long time, but I am so thankful. He even favorited my tweet too. Be jealous bitjes. But now i think it is so hard to get noticed by him as many followers he has and everyone dying about him, dying to get his attention haha. But still, "I can't tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity."  and here is it, The Fault In Our Stars Trailer:

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Back to the 90s

Back to the 90s

Crop shirt
$26 - fashionunion.com

Leather jacket
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Diane Von Furstenberg leather handbag
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Saturday, August 24, 2013


SO. I'm on my mood for reading something. And after I finished The Fault In Our Stars, I decided to read Divergent. I love it. I really love the book. One of my favorites. Actually I want to read Paper Towns but then I was thinking about getting disappoint for the story or whatever is it because Augustus and Hazel 's story already made me fall in love with them. So yeah I chose Divergent because it is a different genre and everyone said that it is a good book, really good book. In my opinion, if I ever get to choose between The Hunger Games Trilogy or Divergent Trilogy, I'll choose Divergent. Sorry, but Divergent is more like 'a world to me' haha, but I still love Hunger Games, because Hunger Games was the first book about dystopian I have read. 
Anyway, in Divergent, it has 5 Factions. Amity, Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless and Candor. The choosing for factions is more like to choose what might fit into your personality. I'll give you the meaning for each faction and divergent + faction meaning, it's from the book btw and it is from dictionary also.
DAUNTLESS: fearless, undaunted.Undaunted: courageously resolute, especially in the face of danger or difficulty; not discouraged.
ABNEGATION: 1. to refuse or deny oneself (some rights, conveniences, etc.); reject; renounce.2. to relinquish; give up
ERUDITE: characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly
CANDOR: 1. the state or quality of being frank, open, and sincere in speech or expression; candidness.2. freedom from bias; fairness; impartiality.That definition definitely helped me flesh out Candor more, particularly in the second book. The faction is not just trying to develop honesty– they’re also trying to develop impartiality.
AMITY: 1. friendship; peaceful harmony.2. mutual understanding and a peaceful relationship, especially between nations; peace; accord.3. cordiality
In the book, when you are 16 you can choose the faction according to your aptitude test, and after that you'll need to choose what faction you think you can fit in or you feel that it is 'more like you'. The stories is interesting, Veronica Roth can keep me to turn the next page and so on. I read Divergent for 2 days but then I read Insurgent was more one and half days because it is soooooo amazing, and interesting too. Anyway, the movie will come out in March 2014. I know it's a long waiting but, I'll give you the teaser trailer and soon I'll give you the full trailer. The full trailer will coming out first on VMA this sunday 25/8 so let's just wait. But this teaser trailer already give me a happiness like seriously, that 12 seconds was the best 12 seconds in my life or that 12 seconds means everything to me. I am a Divergent fan. So here is it I'll give you the teaser trailer...... (BUT! Don't forget to read the book first okay? You will like it, I swear!)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ansel Elgort - Augustus Waters

Okay so "What You Wanted" song from OneRepublic recently playing on my mind everyday but I'm not going to talk about that song. Two days ago, Tuesday, August 20th 2013, Ansel Elgort who will play Augustus Waters on TFIOS movie or who played Caleb on Divergent movie was having a live stream! Yippie! I was on my way to school, and it was around 5.30am!Ahaha, so he said that any followers can ask him everything, and I tried, I asked him a lot of questions and one of them is "How is your music project?" and then, after a few minutes I sent that tweet to Ansel. HE READ MY TWEET. Okay, I was like "OMG" "I'm shaking" and I was shouting too. That was crazy! By the way, he answer my questions, yeah he said that his music project is doing well and so on. I have the footage. I mean I get it from a fan too, she recorded it btw. And I am so happy. I thought I was hallucinating that Ansel answered my questions and he mentioned my username and my name (I used a combine name for this special twitter account because this twitter is used for spamming and something, yeah whatever) but I'm still happy. I'm going mad and even until now I still not believe that he really answered my questions and mentioned my name and my username on his live stream, I'm so lucky, don't I?
So here is, the footage of the Ansel Elgort's live stream on Tuesday. (Just press the play button and skip to 2:20 and that he answered my question!)